Hangin’ With the Ladies

NorCal SIS. Photo by Kurt Issel, Kurt Vert Unlimited
Written by Krisanne

Yesterday I had the awesome privilege of hanging out with over 30 skydiving women at the  Northern California Sisters in Skydiving event at my home DZ, Skydance Skydiving. Super cool to get a bunch of women together with the goal of having fun, bringing up new women in the sport, and celebrating each other!

NorCal SIS. Photo by Kurt Issel, Kurt Vert Unlimited

NorCal SIS. Photo by Kurt Issel, Kurt Vert Unlimited


Because let’s face it, the DZ is not always the most welcoming place for women. Sure, sure, I know a lot of you are thinking “But women get so much attention because they’re in the minority!” But y’know, for an awful lot of us (I can’t presume to speak for all of my skysisters, of course), we really just want to come out to the dropzone to have fun with our friends in our chosen sport, and the attention can sometimes be a distraction from that. And that’s the lighter side; the flat-out sexism and boys club mentality can range from amusing to annoying to degrading depending on the day.

PD New Beginning

So it’s nice to have a day that’s all about us: that’s about being on an 8-way that’s all women, that’s about giving newer women jumpers a safe space to ask some questions and seek some mentoring. It’s about turning that 20% women 80% men statistic on its head for a day (though we probably didn’t have quite that balance, we probably got it up to 50/50 for the day!)

Speaking of 50/50, I did promise in my intro column to talk about my 4-way team a lot, didn’t I? Well, we’ve got a 50/50 male to female ratio on the team, with girl power on the back piece! More about the team to come, I promise!

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