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Throwback Thursday: Norman Kent

Written by Kolla

Norman Kent is an iconic skydiving photographer, and really needs no introduction. Or does he?

Norman has been at it since 35mm film and balloon suits were all the rage, but still retains the enthusiasm and passion for both the sport of skydiving and photography. For such a big name, Norman is remarkably approachable and willing to share his secrets. He has assisted many budding photographers taking their first steps in skydiving photography, both in formal workshops or just over a beer. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter for photos, tips, updates and all that good stuff.

PD New Beginning

Readers of Blue Skies Mag (or really any skydiving publication) have no doubt seen many of Norman’s photos decorating the pages, but this time we bring you the man behind the lens.

Here I am in the early days, some time in 1987 or so. Just a couple of years in to my skydiving adventures.  I remember clearly feeling so grown up and mature and some times asking myself:  “Why do people not take me seriously when I make proposals or bring ideas forward?”. Now, as I look back at the old images of myself I can’t help but think: “What a young punk! he has so much to learn…”  LMAO, I can’t help but wonder how I will look back at myself of today when I am even older?  That’s if I don’t go in before too long LOL. Anyway thanks to the folks at Blues Skies Magazine for asking me to participate, it gave me an opportunity to look back at this perspective of myself :)


Got some Throwback photos you’d like to share?  We’d love to see them!


  • Norm, watched you do your thing in Mexico ’84 Pan America Comp. Very impressed. My sympathies for you loss after. Your life impresses me!

  • Norman’s work has always been and continues to be amazing!!! It is a absolute treat to have gotten to work with him and be in front of his camera!!!

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