Chattanooga Boogie May 16th-18th

Written by The Harry Parker

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My buddy Justin Silva, an old Muff Brother is cranking up his DZ by swooping up a Chicago Otter and throwing a boogie. As an original Muff Brother from back in the day Justin understands the foundational aspect of skydiving, FUN.

Reflecting the best of your family, business, events.  CopywriteFrom what I hear the location is great and accessible making this one central East Coast boogies that might have potential as an annual event. There is no Boogie Fee! And there is Beer, Band, Food and Free Camping with 12 minutes to 14,000 feet.

Club Jump IN! Leader and organizer, Bill Flynn, will be there organizing the RW jumpers.  Bill is great with the newbies, so if you’ve been sitting on the bench, jumping alone and want to get in the air with lots of learning, this is for you.  Check out Club Jump IN! Website and Club Jump IN!’s Fan Page to see how much fun you are missing out on.

Belly and Free Fly Load Organizers Michael B. and Sun Man will be on had also.  There is a Rigging Loft, Gear Sales, WIFI, Showers, Camping on site and RV spots close by.  Enjoy The Best View, Tennessee River, River Gorge, Sequatchie Valley, Lookout Mountain, Mont Eagle, and Nick A Jack Lake.

Chattanooga Skydiving

Can you say Road Trip?

PD New Beginning

The area is diverse in all kinds of cool stuff to do as well.  Such as Hang Gliding, Rock Climbing and White Water Rafting. The Chattanooga area has it all!

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Chattanooga Skydiving Company
300 Airport Rd. Jasper, TN 37347


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