Barrel of Monkeys wins Taurus Stunt Awards LA, CA

Barrel of monkeys wins taurus stunt awards
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craig obrien wins taurus stunt awardsLA, CA. May 10th, 2014 Five well known skydivers win “Best High Work” and “Best Specialty Stunt” Awards netting them a TWO three foot plus trophys and their claim to fame with the Taurus Stunt Awards.

Ironman 3 swooped both awards and Hangover 3 was also nominated for best high work. Both movies Craig O’Brien (OB) acted as aerial Director of Photography, a very highly coveted and respected position.

The stunt responsible for bagging the awards was coined the “Barrel of Monkeys” where OB filmed Jon Devore (skydiving coordinator), Sara Farooqui, Luke Akins and Andy Farrington plus others for a total of 15 jumpers. The scene called for Iron man to rescue ejected passengers from Air Force ONE. This stunt required many jumps and hidden rigs. Plus jumpers hung in wire harnesses for hours for the water landing sequence in the movie on the ground to complement the shots. Hence, “Barrel of Monkeys” If you haven’t seen it, than go see it. The extended freefall sequence of Iron Man rescuing the falling victims took almost three weeks of jumping and ground work to create.

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Barrel of monkeys wins taurus stunt awards

From Top Left to Right: Shoobie Knutson (rigger), Jake Lombard, Jon Devore, Jake Brake (rigger), Trevor Habberstat, Jeff Habberstat, Luke Akins Bottom: Sean MaCormack, Sara Farooqui, Roberta Mancino, Craig O’Brien

“Everyone is super stoked and excited to win. This was a very challenging stunt to pull off. This was all slated to be done in front of green screen. Then second unit director Brian Smrz and Stunt Coordinator (skydiver) Jeff Habberstat convinced Marvel Studios to create a skydiving team to pull this stunt off for realism and authenticity. A big thanks to Jon Devore and Jeff Habberstat for asking me to work as aerial camera for this stunt.” Craig O’Brien Said.

Craig Obrien Camera Stunt Man Holding Taurus Stunt Awards

Craig O’Brien holding the two massive awards

What an awesome reflection of our sport! Take a moment to congratulate these super stars. Go LIGHT UP! Their Facebook, show some love!


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