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BSBDcrop smWell known for his big grin, happy disposition and subtle mentorship of many a young jumper, Pete Langehans (affectionately known as Lobo Rodriguez by his Rodriguez brothers) died after a skydiving accident at Skydive Carolina Sunday May 4th, 2014.  Pete was highly experienced with more than 5500 jumps.

It is known that main deployment was initiated high and emergency procedures following.  At this point details are unclear and pending investigation.

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This is a huge loss to the close-knit Skydive Carolina community and Pete will be missed by many.
We send our sincerest condolences to family and friends around the world.

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  • Not having been to SDC in quite a while, I heard about this a few months late. I keep thinking to myself, “Surely, there’s another Pete Langehans and there’s a mix up” or “Maybe I heard wrong”. Irrational as that may be, your mind doesn’t want to believe it that it’s real. Whenever I think of the fond memories that I have of skydiving, Pete is always in the picture. If you ever had the pleasure of knowing the guy, he made you feel like his best friend and if he so much as walked by you, he greeted you with a smile every time. All around awesome guy that made everyone around him happy. People like Pete are the reason drop zones are a place that so many of us can go to get away from the stress of life and be around others that just want to enjoy it. Thanks Pete for being such a great instructor and for helping to make so many of my weekends so enlightening.

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