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AAD launches Vigil 2+

Written by Kolla

VigilAdvanced Aerospace Designs recently announced the launch of the new Vigil 2+ coming at the end of April.  The new unit features all the basic operations of the traditional Vigil, along with some new features and improvements:

  • Cutter and controller have a new screw connection, allowing replacement without opening the main box.
  • Plastic molded clip to prevent the cutter or LCD connector from disconnecting from the main box.
  • Improved waterproofing.
  • Shorter control unit for easier packing.
  • Changing of active altitude from a minimum of 150 feet a fixed 1000 feet.
With the new unit, a new price list is also in effect.   The recommended retail price for the Vigil 2+ will remain unchanged.
 Vigil 2+  AAD one-pin unit $1,320.00
 Vigil 2+  AAD two-pin unit $1,470.00
Please feel free to contact the Vigil Team with any questions or concerns.

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