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Throwback Thursday: Shannon Pilcher style

If you have been around the sport for 20 minutes or more, you might have heard of Shannon Pilcher of Flight-1. He’s a bit of a legend, close and personal friend of SkyGod and regularly shares frosty beverages with The Most Interesting Man in the world. To give him tips.

Shannon is a man of many talents with several national and world championships under his weight-belt, across disciplines. But even World Champions come from humble beginnings – behold Team Laminar Flow (Georgia Tech 4-way team).  Team members were Kyle Collins, Ian Bobo, Scott Webb and Shannon Pilcher.

The freefall shot was taken at West Tennessee Skydiving in 1992. Clockwise from top: Shannon, Kyle, Scott and Ian. Note the Teva’s, lack of booties, no helmets and totally rad body positions.

PD New Beginning

If you’d like to meet Shannon today, check out this great video Performance Designs released about downsizing. Some sage advice in there from a guy who has flown just about every canopy ever made.

Got some Throwback photos you’d like to share?  We’d love to see them!

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