BSBD – Plane crash in Finland

BSBDcrop smEight jumpers lost their lives in a plane crash in Jämijärvi, Finland yesterday (April 20th, 2014). A total of 11 people were onboard. Three people, one of them the pilot, were able to bail out and landed safely under their canopies, suffering minor injuries.

The aircraft, a Comp Air 8, is reported to have run into engine trouble during the climb and then lost altitude rapidly. Investigation to determine the cause is underway.  The plane had been flying jumpers attending an Easter Boogie.

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We send our deepest sympathies to friends and families of those lost, and to the skydiving community in Finland as a whole.

News Reports:, (in English), (in Finnish)


    • Do not judge the pilot without knowing what actually happened. There was likely nothing he could do, and more people managed to survive via the pilot’s door due to him not being in the way.

    • Wtf is the point of your comment? Should the pilot have to die too to satisfy you?
      FYI: Because the pilot bailed in a hopeless situation, two more jumpers were able to escape the same route.

  • Unless the airplane is uncontrollable due to structural failure, it isn’t hopeless. A controlled off airport impact is usually survivable and may have saved more lives than a pilot-less airplane descending out of control. Agreed that I don’t know the whole story, but being a pilot myself and with the information provided (engine failure), I’d have a hard time justifying abandoning an airplane with people in it without trying to put it down somewhere. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

    • Phil, structural issues with the plane have been brought up as a possible cause of the incident now in addition to the engine problems reported by eyewitnesses. It’s still early on in the investigation, but if that was the case, that might explain why the pilot did not attempt to bring the plane down for landing.

      • Thanks for the info. Also, as Nicolas stated, 11 folks stretches the limits of that airplane so an out-of-CG scenario may have contributed to the accident. We’ll have to wait for all the facts.

  • I’ve done about 200 jumps form a CA-8. Though we had a max of 6 jumpers + the pilot. The plane is a solid plane, and glides very well without power. (our pilot regularly would simulate power loss emergencies during take of and early climb to be sure which outs he could reach). The CA-8 is delicate with load and balance, a heavy tail would cause mayor problems, 11 jumpers sounds kind of scetchy. We will have to wait for the final report to know what went wrong and learn from it.

  • I agree with Phil. I’m a pilot and skydive instructor and if it was engine trouble he should have stayed with the plane and attempt an emergency landing. If structural then he was justified

  • I’m a skydive pilot, if the new is correct, the engine failure it’s not a reason to leave the plane. The pilot parachute it’s for be used only if the plane have an under control situation like flat spin, a canopy entangled, structural problem or similar. He may have tried a emergency landing if had the control. The Compair 8 it’s for 1+7 in a passenger configuration and 1+10 like they used, maybe is a lot weight without power and may have caused the CG changed turned the plane in a piano. In these case, the pilot save justifiably his life, but he will need to explain why he flew his plane overloaded or the company have to explain why his planes can plane whit out power. I’m sorry for the victims, families and friends.

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