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Tri-State tunnelers need help getting it up

Written by Kolla

Image-1iFlyers in and around Yonkers, NY are hankering for a tunnel in their area.
The tunnel is to be located in an outdoor shopping mall area.  The particular lot it’s going on is near a condo building, and the inhabitants of that condo are not in favor of that.

A town meeting was held last night and the tunnelers garnered quite a bit of support. In an effort to show the town council how much interest there is in a tunnel at that location, a petition has been started on The goal is to demonstrate the affect the tunnel would have by bringing in visitors to both play and train at that particular future iFly location.

PD New Beginning

We hope everything gets resolved peacefully and quickly – we hope that we will soon have news and updates for you of a new tunnel in Yonkers!

News Reports: Westchester Lohud


  • The new tunnels are completely quiet. Ours here in Frisco TX is a prime example of the new technology. Outside of the names on the building and the lights you don’t even know its there.

    • Yeah, they’ve come a long way since the good old days! Although I have to admit that when you step out of your car in the iFly Orlando parking lot, that high-pitched tunnel whine is music for my ears :)

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