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Throwback Thursday: Charles Urban, the man behind the lens

It’s time to introduce you to Charlie Urban, of Shreveport, LA. He’s the guy who supplied us with the past two #TBT’s (Elvis and the Star over Lake Whitney) , and we can only hope that he’s got more photos in the shoebox those came from!

World, meet Charles – dressed for the job back in 1981.

PD New Beginning

Charles Urban

Charles Urban

The gear includes a round 35’ T10 Military Surplus main with the 7TU Steering Modification. Charles noted that the 24’ Flat military surplus round belly-mounted reserve did not have steering lines but used a line release steering modification.  Also, there is no Stevens system on this rig. Charles noted that this jump resulted in a Mae West malfunction of the main, and subsequent cutaway of the “bellywart” reserve.
Those of you that have never seen anything but the 3-rings, check out the Capewell cutaway system, and be glad you started skydiving after that bearded guy Bill Booth had his great idea (well, one of them).

Got some Throwback photos you’d like to share?  We’d love to see them!

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  • That’s Awesome. Charlie is a well known BASE jumper back in the day. This guys has more energy then most I know of, an incredible positive attitude and makes a great friend! He was a big asset for some of us so many years ago. Loving the throw backs!

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