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BSBDcrop copyFlorida jumper Robert Waspe died following injuries sustained during a hard landing (2-out) at Skydive City, Zephyrhills, FL. Robert was seen under his main canopy, and then the reserve fired. The main was then observed to streamer, resulting in a spinning reserve until impact. Robert was transported to a hospital, where he died few hours later.

The details of what happened or in what order are not fully known at this stage, and may never be. The main canopy was a Pulse 170 with an Optimum 160 reserve, in a CYPRES2 equipped ICON container, with the RSL hooked up.  After initial inspection, all gear was found to be in good working order.

Robert was considered a heads-up, safe jumper with years of experience in the sport. A 2-out situation is can be a tricky one to handle – prevention may be the best medicine. Some years ago Performance Designs released a paper on the topic that remains a good read (PIA Dual Square Report).

We send our condolences to his friends and family. He will be sorely missed at several Florida DZs.

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  • He was an awesome person and experienced skydiver whom I had the privilege to jump with most weekends for years, he is missed by many!

    • Steven – Robert was immensely approachable, pay-it-forward kind of guy, who in many ways really embodied the spirit of skydiving. He will certainly be missed.

  • Robert ( Bob) AKA WASP went to Lower Merion High School with me and was always by my side , No mater what we attended Ohio University together . He always was there to help no matter what the cause. We protested the Viet Nam War together as he was picked as # 1 in the Draft. I will never forget his expression when that happened. This was a tragic loss and part of me went with him . I loved the man and spoke to him about everything. He will be missed. My ever loving sprit to the Family and his Friends.

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