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i53 Mailing Now!

Written by Lara

The April 2014 issue of Blue Skies Mag has been shipped from our printer to all U.S. subscribers! The postal service is a lot like the cable guy, though, so expect delivery sometime between now and April 30. Seriously. If you don’t have your issue already, DO NOT PANIC! Give it a few weeks and if don’t have it by May 1, please do let us know.

PD New Beginning

We do have one minor issue for our subscribers outside the continental U.S. Your shipment must have been feeling extra naughty because it went for a swim in uncharted waters and ended up at our distribution house totally ruined. We have replacements headed out now but you will have a delay receiving your magazine this month. We are sorry for this but we have a strict policy to send only the freshest, cleanest, driest mags to our friends!

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