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Throwback Thursday: Stars over Lake Whitney

Written by Kolla

This Throwback Thursday edition brings you one fantastic submission from Charles Urban.  This is from 1984, which doesn’t seem that long ago, but in skydiving years that is on par with about 3 lifetimes.

1984 Three Cessna formation load over Lake Whitney, TX. Several notable people on the load include Steve Boyd, current owner of Skydive Spaceland, Scott Smith, current USPA Western Regional Director, Ernie Long, current Chief Instructor at Skydive Dallas. Others: Don Fuller, David Craigmile, Nancy Barr, Levi Green, Robin Wilcox, Rocky Johnson, Tom Lane and Charlie Urban on camera.

PD New Beginning


Look ma, no booties!

Many thanks to Charles for sharing – we got a couple more from him stashed away for future posts that you can look forward to :)

Got some Throwback photos you’d like to share?  We’d love to see them.



  • Don, you are correct. It was a 3 Cessna formation load. An interesting note, 3 of the jumpers in the photo are deceased. Levi Green and Robin Wilcox died in skydiving accidents and Rocky Johnson died at a young age from a disease. His father bought him a 182 so he could spend his last few years doing the thing he loved most-skydiving, of course. It was bittersweet jumping with Rocky. He had the Cessna so we could jump anytime and anywhere (and, as you know, we did) but we all knew our buddy’s days were numbered.

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