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Get Current: CYPRES 2 – Adjustable Activation Altitude Setting

Written by Kolla

The first CYPRES unit saw the light of day back in 1991, marking the dawn of reliable electronic opening devices in the skydiving world.  Skydivers have embraced this technology and many lives have been saved thanks to those little guys (click to download the CYPRES save list). Automatic opening devices continue to improve through thorough research and testing, adding features and functions. 

Many thanks to Martin Tannheiser from Airtec, for this information on Adjustable Activation Altitude Settings on the expert CYPRES.

Beginning January 1st 2013 a new feature became available on all new sport CYPRES 2 units concerning the activation altitude.
Users can now permanently increase their standard activation altitude, in increments of +100 feet (+30 meters). This can be done up to 9 times, so each jumper is free to adjust their own personal preferences as they relate to individual equipment, habits etc.

The result of an increased activation altitude is that the activation window (where the CYPRES is prepared to fire the cutter) is expanded upwards. The standard activation window of an Expert CYPRES reaches from approximately 140 feet (40 m) above the ground, up to approximately 750 feet (225 m) above the ground. With every added step, the standard 750 feet are increased by 100 feet (30 m). 

PD New Beginning

CYPRES2 step up

The maneuver takes about 2 minutes and can be performed easily in the field. Should your preferences change again, the setting is reversible. We kindly ask that you be sure to review advantages and disadvantages as they pertain to your circumstances when choosing to use the user selectable activation altitude feature.

A skydiver who increases his CYPRES activation altitude should increase his main canopy deployment altitude to avoid a two canopies out scenario. As two canopies can entangle and cause fatalities, the main canopy must always be fully open and flyable well above the reserve activation height.

Every CYPRES 2 unit, that undergoes service at scheduled maintenance intervals, receives this new feature automatically at no extra charge. This has been in place since January 1st, 2013. If you have any questions or would like more information on this option, please contact Airtec or SSK directly ( or

You find the complete information about this feature in the current User’s Guide chapter 4.4.2 – 4.4.4.

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