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Get Current: Staying Alive with Cornelia Mihai

Cornelia Mihai: Cornelia Mihai is the world’s top female swooper – she’s a badass. She is part of the Skydive Dubai swoop team, and holds the current female Distance World Record. (145.10 m – record pending ratification)

Photo by Tariq Al Shalba

Photo by Tariq Al Shalba

Swooping looks beautiful, fast and dangerous. That’s because it is dangerous if we forget about what we’re actually doing: turning our highly loaded canopy towards the ground trying to generate as much speed as possible.

So what can save us?!

I would start with getting consistent on your turn.
After your turn is consistent then work on getting to the set up point that you choose in any wind conditions. You don’t want to be forced into weird adjustments close to the ground because the wind pushed you around.

PD New Beginning

When you want to make changes work on a single thing at a time.
For example: You roll out too high from your turn. Don t bring your turn down and slow it down in the same time !!!.

When competition day comes stick to what you know and what you know is what you’ve trained till that moment.
Don’t make changes on the spot just because you see what the others are doing!

So yes try your best, go hard but also remember there are limits and , as my friend Wuzi Wagner told me once : ” You need to be able to walk to the podium!

Corenlia Mihai02 Photo by DZ Aerograd Kolumna

Photo by DZ Aerograd Kolumna

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