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Get Current: Staying Alive with Jasper Williams

Jasper Williams has been the CP course technical director for the last 5 years in Dubai for the Gulf Cups and Mondial. He’s been jumping 10 years and has 3000 jumps. He’s an AFF instructor, coach & video man. This is his contribution to the 2014 Get Current series.


JasperWilliams011.       What are your top 2 pieces of advice for swoopers to stay alive?
a.     Get professional coaching.

b.     Take your time, don’t jump into the mix until you are ready, and when you’re ready, take it easy! If you land safely, you can always go up again tomorrow.

2.       What are the most common errors/ mistakes in comp swooping that cause injuries/death?
a.     Gate / course fixation , caused mostly by not being ready to swoop at the level they think they are at.

b.     Not giving up their ego!

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3.       Why do you think people make these mistakes?
I see too many jumpers saying “I want to swoop“ after looking at the latest, edited, YouTube videos, but what the videos don’t show is the hard work and TIME these top jumpers are putting into their sport to get them there.

4.       What are the qualities of swoopers you have seen that have helped them stay alive?
Dedication to their sport, being able to put their ego aside and take a “zero”.  Being able to abort their turn when things “are not right”. Being able – and willing – to pass on their hard-earned knowledge to others, and in doing so, learning more themselves.


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