New tribe in DeLand: Meet Tribu Freefly

There is a new kid in town. Or rather, an old kid back in town, with a couple of buddies and fresh freefly toys!

tribuBoxAlejandro Ramos was a fixture in DeLand back in the day, before embarking on a  bit of a globe-trotting. Known for his smooth flying style and calm demeanor, Alejandro has now teamed up with Carlos Pedro Briceño and Luis Lopez Mendez to found Tribu, the new freefly school located at Skydive DeLand.

In the past DeLand has not been known as a hotbed of free flying but rather a bit more serious belly flying dropzone, where people came to get top level training.  The top level training part still holds true, but now Tribu is adding fresh dimensions to the mix.  We sat down with Alejandro to ask him a few questions.

tribu_smBSM: Tell us about Tribu!
Alejandro: Tribu is the new freefly school at Skydive Deland founded by Carlos Pedro Briceño, Luis Lopez Mendez, and myself. We got together for two reasons: First, to fly as a team without clear competition goals, but focusing on really FREE flying as a team, pushing our skills as much as we can. And second, to create a new freefly school that will train beginners into safe and progressive freeflyers while setting a new freefly culture in Deland.

BSM: How do you think Tribu will change the freeflying scene at DeLand?
Alejandro: Skydive Deland is a great DZ. It has multiple great airplanes, excellent pilots, professional staff,  great facilities open and running every day of the year. It also gathers a unique amount of talent and this makes it the perfect place for a solid freefly scene. Our mission in Tribu is to make this happen by having a constant presence and putting all of our energy into making the tribe grow.

BSM: The name, what is the story behind it?
Alejandro: Tribu means “tribe”. We wanted a name that would condense in a single word the feeling of the “freefly family”, that lifestyle we all like in skydiving, a name that includes everyone involved in our growing tribe of people dedicated to the progression of free flight.

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BSM: Does Tribu mainly work in the sky or do you coach in the tunnel as well?
Alejandro: We work both in the sky and in the tunnel. We like training people in the sky as much as possible to focus on increasing awareness and training certain things you can’t simulate in the tunnel. We mix-in tunnel time to sharpen skills that might have become a little frustrating during the sky training and catalyze the learning process. We think the tunnel is an awesome and fun invention that makes a great tool to learn to fly, and as such it has accelerated the learning process around the world.

BSM: You are already planning your first event, the 4:20 boogie in DeLand this coming April.  What makes that event one not to miss?
Alejandro: The last 4:20 boogie in Deland was in 2002, organized by the Freedom of Flight School of which I had the honor to be a part of. Since then, the 4:20 stayed as the freefly event to remember in Deland. Now in 2014, we are retaking on the tradition and planning on repeating it every year as the 4:20 Freefly Jam, implementing a new Freefly Skills Camp format that will bring good training for the participants in a safe, progressive, and fun way. You really don’t want to miss it, we are putting together a unique mix of fast flyers in the organizing team who will jump with every group and organize challenging jumps for every level. The Organizing team will also have an Organizer’s session the 2 days before the event (Apr 14-15) which will be nice to watch from the ground… ;) We will have a big screen every night playing the videos of the day courtesy of UPT-Vector, an awesome party with DJ Jay Moledski courtesy of Vigil, and other cool surprises. This should be a good opportunity for everyone to learn, fly fast, and have a great time jammin’ with the tribe.


Visit the Tribu website to register online for the 4:20 freefly jam. Registering early has it’s perks:

  • Register before February 20th: $200. First jump is FREE *
  • Register before March 20th: $230. First jump is FREE *
  • Register after March 20th: $250

More information is available on a Facebook Event page that has been set up for the event.

(*First jump is free if you register before March 20th. This covers your first skydive from altitude during the event, a value of $23, courtesy of Skydive Deland.

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