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This past Saturday, March 8th, was the official USPA Safety Day.

photoSafety Day is presented and promoted by the USPA to get jumpers up to speed and ready for the season ahead. The goal is to get skydivers to knock off some rust before bursting into spring  uncurrent as hell, sporting all the new gear bought over the winter. Some DZ’s go all out, complete with hanging harnesses, aircraft drills, push-ups and whatnot. Others are less feisty this early in the season and pretty much leave it up to their jumpers to prepare themselves. That is where we come in. For the next few weeks, we will bring you articles, tips and tricks to help you emerge into the 2014 season a well-rounded and fabulously interesting skydiver. Some of the features are dead serious, some of them a little bit more lighthearted, but all are full of good information and geared to get you thinking.

Some of the stuff we have on tap is:

Sky families are the best families. |

In addition, UPT,  and Aerodyne all have pieces in the works that will be added to the series.

Check back  regularly throughout April to catch-all in the series. We will feature them under the tag “Get Current” so you can easily find all in one spot.

Fine print: if you really are a young skydiver or an uncurrent old skydiver, reviewing your emergency procedures and dropzone protocols really is a fantastic idea. Pulling a little high is a good idea too. As is giving your gear a good check after you knock off the cobwebs. Be cool, be smart, stay safe. SkyGod commands so. 



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