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Throwback Thursday: two for one

Throwback Thursday brings you back to the early 70’s this time around – to good ‘ole Zephyrhills, FL.


This photo shows husband and wife Cheryl and Rob Brown, sporting matching jumpsuits. In this photo Cheryl is sporting a Buchman rig with a Sierra and a Starlight, which she fondly remembers as nearly killing her each opening. Cheryl is now more commonly found behind the lens than in front and is a steady fixture near the pond in Z-Hills, specializing in sports/action photography – click here to visit Impromptu Photography.

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If you have an old skydiving photo that you would like to share, we would love to see it! Please send the photo along with a short note describing who/when/where/what (as you can remember) to us via email.


  • Cheryl and I both had Starlights in the Buchman rigs. And yes, they would hammer you on every opening. She replaced hers with a Sierra and I bought a Strato Star.
    Starlights were terrible on opening but once open it had the most forward drive of any round I ever flew.
    Rob B

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