Test Jumper Diaries: Dating Miss Jones

The gang at NZ Aerosports is at it again – searching for Petra’s little sister via the Petra Project Episode II


As in the dating world, designers and test jumpers will be wading through a lot of profiles, looking at pictures, studying videos and trying their hardest to find the one that is right for them. Their one true 7-cell ZP love.
The goal here is to make Petra’s epicness available to experienced jumpers who are not necessarily in to CP competition and want to use their canopy for both work and play.

PD New Beginning

Please meet their first candidate – Bridget.  They have been on a few dates, but it’s likely that both will agree to “see other people” before it’s all over and done with. We will keep bringing you updates as new ladies are interviewed.  Until then, check out the video.

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