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Reader question: What do you wish people would ask you about jumping?

Time again to answer our monthly question and get in the mag!

What do you wish people would ask you about skydiving, or BASE jumping, or whatever kind of flying you do?

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This could be whuffos, people from other disciplines, the media, whomever.

We’ll print your comment (or select few if we get a ton, with a touch of editing for clarity) in the April issue of Blue Skies Mag, with the name you sign here in the comments. You can also email answers to me at


  • I wish people would ask “What’s the most rewarding part of skydiving, what makes you so passionate about the sport?” And I would reply “Besides living my childhood dream of being able to fly, its the people in the sport that make it so rewarding. Most jumpers are welcoming and unselfish with their knowledge, and so willing to share their own passion for the sport. A more honest (sometimes brutally so haha) genuine group of folks is hard to find.”

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