Squirrel goes Sumo

The guys at Squirrel seem to have a lot of fun at work, judging by their Facebook page. Another hint is their new ad on our website, which can be seen here to the right. Can you pick the one? I’ll give you one hint: rainbows.

After releasing their initial wingsuit, they have been steadily adding to the product line. The latest member of the family is the SUMO. When we inquired what that suit was all about, the guys at Squirrel responded that the SUMO came about in their quest to find the ideal balance between volume and stability, with emphasis on solid internal pressure and quick inflation.

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The SUMO has performance that is comparable to one-piece tracking suits, with the comfort and ease of use that is inherent in a simpler 2-piece system. The No-Wobble system secures the pants to your knee area, helping to prevent excess movement in the pants while tracking. This unique feature gives a compact and precise feel in the track, and is very simple to use. It is also optional – the pants can be flown with or without the Velcro fastened. Squirrel claims that the overall suit volume is balanced thanks to a slight taper from waist to ankle for ease of handling. The SUMO provides quick starts and excellent forward speed, with simple and intuitive control.

 Zip over to the Sumo page on the Squirrel website to learn more about the suit, detailed information available.



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