Camelback Mountain – petition for equal rights

The great state of Arizona seems to be all about sorting this from that and that from this these days, and now the long arm of the law is considering reaching for BASE jumpers.

The Phoenix City Council is seeking to ban BASE jumping at Camelback Mountain;  a very popular and highly accessible BASE jumping site. In the eyes of the local community the attacks don’t hold water, but to be on the safe side the jumpers are seeking as much support as possible, from a wide variety of air-people.

An online petition has been put forth by Thomas McPherson, asking for equal rights for all at Camelback Mountain Preserve, near Phoenix, Arizona. A City Council meeting is scheduled for 5.00 PM Thursday, February 25th to discuss a ban on BASE jumping in the park. Local jumpers are encouraged to attend the meeting at City Council Chambers (200 W. Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ). If you can not attend but wish to show your support, you may view an online petition on and sign your name to it if you’d like.

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Equal rights for all individuals should never be a concern in this country. As BASE jumpers have found, they are being specifically targeted & discriminated against in the US. Abroad, BASE jumpers receive a warm welcome, yet at home we are pursued as “criminals”. Currently Camelback Mountain is a legal BASE jump, but the City of Phoenix has a meeting this Thursday at 5:00 PM to consider banning that activity. Please show your support for keeping what is an excellent location for BASE jumpers open! Also, come out and watch whenever you are in town! Thank you so much!

Image from petition

Image from petition

As we hit the publish button on this post, the petition is only  16 names shy of the original goal of 1500 signatures – but the more that sign, the stronger the voice! Please feel free to share the link to the petition (

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