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Throwback Thursday, skydiving edition

Throwback Thursday is quite the phenomena on social media these days, complete with its own hashtag (#tbt) and what not. It’s high time to extend that into the skydiving world.


From the Urban Dictionary

If you thought that your bad haircuts, sad fashion choices and non-matching gear could rest safely buried in the past, think again.  Hashtag-tee-bee-tee is here to bring them back, for all your new friends to see.  So let’s do it. Share your most awesome skydiving #tbt shots. We want to see frap-hats, patchy pants, balloon suits, brown parachutes, belly mount reserves… you get it. Email your photo to us so that we can put up a mighty gallery to warm the heart of skydivers everywhere!

If you prefer, you can also share your glory on our Facebook page.



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