Eugene Skydivers regain landing rights at Creswell Airport

Written by Kolla

eugene-skydiversEugene Skydivers in  Creswell, Oregon are doing the happy dance after learning that they are again permitted to land parachutist at Creswell Airport. DZO Urban Moore credits USPA’s Airport Access Defense fund for being instrumental in helping the resolution along.

Below is a copy of the press release.

PD New Beginning

NEWS RELEASE: February 12, 2014

Agreement helps pave the way for skydiving to return to Creswell

CRESWELL, Ore—Urban Moore, owner of Eugene Skydivers, announced this morning that his business has regained the right to land parachutes at the Creswell Airport. “The settlement with the city cleared all hurdles and now it’s official. We can land at the airport,” stated Mr. Moore through some early morning text messages to employees and friends.

Last August a settlement was reached between Eugene Skydivers and the City of Creswell in an attempt to end an eight-year legal battle. Although the agreement accelerated a resolution, Mr. Moore credits the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and the Airport Defense Fund (ADF) for providing much needed support during his legal challenge to the eviction of skydivers from the airport. “I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of USPA or the ADF. I’m looking forward to going back to work. This is a great day for skydiving,” continues Mr. Moore.

The settlement has established safety guidelines and written procedures that both sides agreed to. The policies in place will ensure safe operations for all parties involved. Weather permitting skydiving is expected to resume at the Creswell airport as early as Thursday, Feb. 13.

About Eugene Skydivers

Urban Moore opened Eugene Skydivers in February 1992 at the Creswell Airport. During the last twenty-years, Eugene Skydivers has performed exhibition skydives for businesses, charities, and political campaigns. In 1998, an Oregon State skydiving record was hosted at the parachute landing area of the Creswell Airport. To date, Eugene Skydivers has successfully performed an estimated 70,000 skydives. The hours of operation are Thursday thru Sunday and by appointment. 

Please visit their website to learn more about Eugene Skydivers or drop by the Facebook page to say congrats!



  • The city hired Critical Path Inc. to produce a report, which would find a specific result. It is important to understand that previous city officials (who are no longer in office) went to great lengths to have a report generated to support their claims about skydiving activities. The report’s author admitted he is not an expert in skydiving; furthermore, his expertise is primarily in airport snow removal and car rental development. Basically, the city hired Critical Path Inc. to manufacture documents to bolster its case to keep us off the airport. Fortunately only the FAA can make a safety audit. Not the airport sponsor or anyone they hire.

    • Thanks for the clarification there. Congrats on the news! I just went looking for documentation on what was going on since I was unfamiliar with the situation and thought other might want to read the city’s report.

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