Valley BASE Gear Wisdom

Heard of Valley BASE Gear yet? If not, it’s probably high time. Allow us to introduce.

VBGValley BASE Gear is a shop located in the heart of BASE paradise – tucked away in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. They are purveyors of gear, advice and coaching, specializing in making your trip there a wild success. And not just BASE, they do skydiving too. Epic stuff specialists, to sum it up.

The people behind VBG are well known BASE jumper Dan Vicary and his partner Lisa Hutchins, along with their Valley BASE dog Chunk (who has his own Facebook fan page).

PD New Beginning

We are very happy to have teamed up with the VBG clan and have their permission to share some content from their blog. There is also the possibility of some ‘made to order’ pieces coming at a later date, should our readers have some specific requests for content.

Stay tuned for the first installment of trackety-track to come soon!

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