PROshop Gunslinging in Texas

proshop-logo150iFly Austin in Texas is getting ready for the Gunslinger competition coming up this weekend. One of the teams competing is the Ranch PROshop Eclipse – signed up to compete in 2-way FS (formation skydiving). Team-members are husband + wife duo Kamuran ‘Sonic’ Bayrasli and his beloved Llama, Donna Marshall Bayrasli. Those two are anything but dull.

Due to snow  it has been a bit touch and go if they could even make it – but latest reports from snowy New York indicate that boarding for a warmer climate is imminent! Once in Texas and at the comp, Donna will be tweeting news and updates from the competition, Ranch Reporter style. Follow her on Twitter for the live edition, or check in with the Blue Skies Mag as we curate the top tweets for a delightfully biased and interesting narration, Llama-style.
Now, let’s get to know the team a little.

Q: Rolling into the Gunslinger at high noon, do you bring with you any previous competition experience? 
Donna: Yes, I was on a 4-way RW team TEAM WILLY from 1997-2000. Since then Sonic and I have competed in 2 4-way tunnel comps.
Sonic: Team ’Sonic Force’ 1996-1999.

Q: What would you consider the strengths and weaknesses of the team?
Donna: Our strength would have to be our marriage. Our weaknesses would have to be our slight fall rate difference and my lack of upper arm strength. I often look like a wacky wavy guy you see at car washes. My giggling could also be a weakness, the air in the tunnel seems to tickle. Sonic takes this competition stuff seriously, I never have and probably never will, I’m not a competitive person. It’s just fun for me.
Sonic: Strengths are we’re married. Weakness is our difference in fall rate. I’m about 120 lbs heavier than the Llama (Llama = Donna).

Q: Who’s the boss on the team?
Donna: Lets just say one of us is “bossy” but the other is a patient loving wife.
Sonic: Who’s the boss on the team? Donna, she’s ALWAYS the ‘boss’

Q: Is there a meaning behind the team name?
Donna: The Ranch PRO shop Eclipse. I must give credit to BK (Brian Kraus) for the team name. He referred to a round at XP last year when Sonic eclipsed me, and the 2-way team name was born.
Sonic: Yeah, last time at a tunnel meet I ’took her out’, I eclipsed her from the video.

PD New Beginning

Q: Do you have a goal in this competition?
Donna: Have fun! And convince Antonio the owner of TonFly  to make me a new RW suit. Although fitting into my 1998 team suit already makes me winner!
Sonic: Not be last.

Q: Do you plan to keep on competing and rise to fame?
Donna: When our schedule allows it, competing, sure. Rise to fame…I’m married to Sonic, he is famous enough for us both.
Sonic: Absolutely. Our next comp is at XP in March.

Q: What was your training regime like, going into this comp?
Donna: Does getting a new zipper on my 1998 RW suit count?
Sonic: Training? What’s training?

Q: How important is it having matching gear?
Donna: As the co-owner of The Ranch PRO shop and the US distributor for TonflyUSA I’d say is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. As a competitor: not at all.
Sonic: Well seeing how we own a gear store and we totally don’t match, I guess I would say not so important.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share with your rabid fans amongst the Blue Skies Mag readers? 
Donna: Yes! Skydivers, tunnel flyers, belly, head up or head down, go compete! When I used to jump the comps were always so much fun and we always learned a lot & made lots of friends. Nowadays there seem to be more freeflyers on the DZ, but when Nationals come around that doesn’t show in the team numbers. Have fun and be safe! And call us at The Ranch PRO Shop 845-255-2252 for all your skydiving needs.
Sonic: Have FUN & don’t SUCK!!


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