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The Love Issue

i51: February 2014
Written by Lara

We’re glad you all liked the “Your Hand in Marriage” story so much, because there’s a lot more where that came from!


Sneak peek of the Love Issue cover …

Yes, the February 2014 issue is the Love Issue. Shmoopiness just drips from the pages. At least, we hope that’s shmoopiness. In addition to our SkyCouple of the month (Mark Wilson and Tricia Small from Jumptown in Orange, MA), we have lovebirds Josh and Karen’s engagement-jump story, an introduction to Weenie and the Butt and wedded bliss from one of our favorite life coaches in the world.

“But,” you cry, “I hate love!” And we say, “We’ve been there with you, pal!” For you, oh cynical soul of despair, we still have tit4tat‘s boobs, an article about BASE fatalities (hard-hearted enough for you, buddy?), Zach Lewis’ photo interview of Jen Sensenbaugh and photo pictorials of Collegiate Nationals and Sebastian Invasion. PLUS a few of the featured responses to our question, “Analog or Digital?” Did your response make it to the hallowed halls of print?

Wait, there’s more. Women’s vertical world record reports from Melissa and Amy, the Fuckin’ Pilot (of course), Kurt Gaebel and SkyGod.

PD New Beginning

One of the stories is not romantic fluffy, but a warm in the feels area. Kandace Rawling’s son Erik died in an accident just after his 22nd birthday. As Kandace says in her story, “He was my only child and his passing has been extremely difficult for me. Skydiving and my friends at Seven Hills have made life bearable since his passing. I don’t know what I would do without them.” She celebrated what would have been his 23rd birthday in a big way – with 23 jumps at Seven Hills.

And today, Kandace celebrated another milestone by passing her multi-engine check dive here in Deland! She has some time flying jumpers in a 182, gazillions of helicopter hours and is not going to pass up an Otter diver-driver job should it come her way (hint, hint).


SkyGod proud.

It’s a pretty fantastic issue even without the hearts and starshine, let’s be honest. Look for it in February; we’ll send out an email to subscribers when it ships from our printer!

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