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50? That can’t be right.

Blue Skies Mag #50
i50: January 2014 | 63 ladies attempting a new women’s vertical worldrecord above Skydive Arizona.Photo by Norman Kent •
Written by Lara

Oh but it is. Our 50th issue is in the mail now (you probably already have it if you’re a subscriber, actually).

If you don’t have issue #50 by Feb. 1 and you are a current subscriber, let Kolla know at If you are not a current subscriber, you can fix that by clicking this link: SUBSCRIBE.

Go Imlay!

Issue #50, commemoratively framed and gifted by our awesome print managers, Imlay International.

Here is what is in this momentous issue:

Cover Photo

63 ladies attempting a new women’s vertical world record above Skydive Arizona. Photo by Norman Kent •

Cover Story: Gone with the Wing by the Eleven of Us

You’ve seen the video, now read the story straight from their mouths.

Featured Photo

63 ladies doing a dirt-dive for an attempt to set a new women’s vertical world record at Skydive Arizona. Photo by Wade Baird.

The FlyBy

Reader Question: What did your friends and family think when you started jumping? And what do they think now?

Ink of the Month, Monthly tit4tat, and “Dive: A Student’s High-Flying Submission to the ‘Doritos Crash the Super Bowl’ Ad Contest” by Jack Heston

Speed Flying for Skydivers by Angie Aragon

It’s all fun and badassery until someone ends up eating through a straw for the rest of their life. Angie takes the first step toward proficient, safe speed flying – shockingly not an oxymoron!

Meet the D4W Team: Arizona Rampage

Meet one of the teams behind those amazing tunnel-flying videos (like this one! and the emerging dynamic 4-way discipline.

PD New Beginning

Return of the BirdMan

Rejoice, our favorite Finn is back! Jari Kuosma and BIRDMAN are back in a big way. A big Fuji-san way.


Doing some CRW on the way down during the Skydive European Challenge big-way record attempts at Skydive Empuriabrava, Spain. Photo by Bruno Brokken •

Why Winter Weather Sucks: A Meteorological Perspective by Megan Walker-Radtke

We’re droppin’ some science, yo. Face it, you’re not jumping in this weather so you might as well spend the time learning why, right?

Paving the Runway: SLAP Tears and Scooter Tows by Blannie Wagner

The new DZ in Tightwad is coming along smoothly-just like Blannie’s shoulder.

SkyCouples: Patrick & Michael by Eli Godwin

♥ ♥ ♥ Eli interviews the smoochiest members (we think) of the FS team 55 North. ♥ ♥ ♥

Turning Points: Getting Away with Murder by Kurt Gaebel, NSL

Woah. Woah, man. Have you read this yet?? Real, honest opinions, in print, signed by an actual skydiver! Will wonders never cease? (PS – We want more of these crazy things called signed opinions, so send them in to me at!)

You Kiss Your Mother with That Mouth? by the Fuckin’ Pilot

The pilot’s mom and my mom are awesome. Yours probably is too. Go hug/call/thank her.

Mega by Melanie Curtis,

63 women, woah! And it all began with a thought.

SkyGod’s Friends of Femurs

SkyGod proposes Sisters In Skydiving’s counterpart. Save the boys!

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