An Ode to SkyGod. Sort of.

We received this love-letter to SkyGod following this post.  Too good not to share!


SKYGODYou sanctimonious, low brow, presumptuous twat!  I have a few goals in life – as skydivers we always set the bar low. One goal is to rob you of any of your possessions and lo and behold; you are offering up freebies! Way to play into my game. I have a theory – I am willing to bet one of my two useless nuts that  you were once a pilot, who somehow was dumb enough to pee into the cup and fail the NTSBs regulated testing rather than use a pirated stash of clean urine (I know that was a long sentence for you to read, take your time). And now you have woo’d a couple of smart people who started an awesome rag catering to  people who enjoy throwing the earth at their heads. Well good job, you got a great job and prove my theory that my one and true Lord has a sick sense of humor that allows office furniture like yourself to live the dream!

PD New Beginning

So on that note – give me a freaking sticker!

pay close attention to the following line –  it is where to send previous mentioned sticker,maybe have the nearest first grader you are trying to lure into your van read it aloud to you so you understand. [to protect VFMA’s safety, the personal details have been edited out]

Vic Ferrari, Marine Aviator

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