SANS in the snow

One of our valued subscribers likes to jump nekkid. A lot.

We aren’t talking about the occasional hop & pop here, we are talking about a serious commitment, through thick or thin, hell or high water kind of commitment. Jeff Dawson, the president of the SANS (Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving) makes a naked skydive every month. Which is all the more remarkable when you consider that Jeff lives up in the Great White North.

His renewal date is around this time of year. I always use the opportunity to see if he’s still going strong and so far the answer has always been a resounding yes. This year though, with temperatures around -40F, breaking a 20 year record, even Jeff took a break.  A few days later, he was back at it.

PD New Beginning

Jeff Dawson having fun in the snow

Jeff’s idea of a good time.

I did make a naked jump today. It was about 36° but the winds were honkin’. I got out at 4,000 and backed up from opening to landing. I ended up in the middle of a landfill about .75 miles from the dropzone. I had my shorts with me so I was able to become presentable before getting picked up for the ride back.

Yeeee haaaa.

If you want to join the fun, start jumping naked and check in with the head honcho via the website to get your official certificate, stickers and number. And once you are there, make sure to read some of the naked jump stories submitted by SANS members. Lastly, become their devoted fan on Facebook. Good stuff.


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