Human Flight Media, coming soon to an event near you?

Boogie articles are one thing membership magazines really like to print – because the members like to throw and attend boogies.

Let’s face it, those articles can be a little dry. There are only so many ways that you can describe what goes on at a boogie in a politically correct manner without offending sensitive souls.
If you find yourself having to write such an article, you simply cover the weather, compliment manifest and organizers and thank the sponsors. If there was food served, you mention what an excellent BBQ or pasta dinner it was. Free beer gets a mandatory mention too. Voilà, you have a boogie article in 1000 words or less. I’ll admit that there have been a few that stand out for being well written, fun and witty (and that is because we have an actual policy on boogie articles, born out of need) but most I skim right over.

But ladies and gentlemen, in this day and age we have options. Professional picture makers are available for a reasonable price and they can turn your dull boogie article into a YouTube sensation overnight.

PD New Beginning

Photo by Melissa Garcia

Photo by Melissa Garcia

We have teamed up with Keith Creedy of Human Flight Media for the season. Keith plans to spend the summer behind a camera lens or immersed in some kind of editing software, emerging only to upload something brilliant to the interwebz. If you’d like your boogie story to be told with pictures rather than words, you can hire Keith to come make it look awesome. Keith still has some availability for 2014, but slots are filling fast. Contact him via email to inquire about price and availability.

We look forward to bringing you the next Keith Creedy masterpiece. Each will be different, but Keith will do his best to show you the rare and elusive boogie jumper in his (or her) natural habitat. It will be fun.  Those of you going to Puerto Rico this year, get a haircut and shine up your gear, be ready for stardom.

Here is one of his videos – from the 2013 Skydive Sebastian Invasion.

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