Photos and pixels, frames and videos: Keith Creedy style

Brought up in a family of artists from South Africa, Keith drew to filmmaking at a young age. He took to the skies at age 18, thereby finding a new way to express his creativity.
On the run! Photo by Harry Parker

On the run! Photo by Harry Parker

PD New Beginning

Now with a degree in filmmaking and two award winning short films under his belt, Keith is making a name for himself within the skydiving community, regularly releasing skydiving and tunnel flying videos for businesses, boogies, and of course, for fun.
“Flying and film making are two of my favorite passions. It’s a lifestyle that I’ve worked very hard on to create. I’m forever learning and building my skill as an artist while enjoying the moment. Heh, I said ‘hard on.’”
Keith’s recent work include Invasion 2013 and The Road to Prague. “Paraclete XP and Skydive Sebastian are definitely my favorite places to shoot right now.” Fox Stevenson, an up and coming EDM artist, liked Keith’s work and is running a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for his first music video [that has now successfully funded!]: . The music video will be directed by Keith and starring Fox Stevenson as well as Antigravity XP, Paraclete XP’s champion Dynamic 4 Way team.
“I’m excited to see where this goes. Tunnel flying and skydiving are integrating more and more into mainstream media; I like to think that my videos help, even if it’s only a tiny bit, to get our amazing body flight sports out there for the world to see.”
Check out Keith’s website or follow him on Vimeo for more moving eye candy.  You can check out his latest creation below – the official boogie video from the 2013 Invasion at Skydive Sebastian.

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