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ZHills Diver Driver, Check In. URGENT.

In the Fuckin’ Pilot’s upcoming column, you will read about his generous new service of connecting pilots with the women who would like to put extra altitude on charge.

Here’s how it works: If you’re a girl, or for whatever reason have a pair you can do something with, and would like extra altitude but don’t want the whole plane GoPro’ing your boobs, tell your pilot you’re on the Fuckin’ Pilot’s credit program. He or she should give you the altitude you desire and you WILL send a private photo to the Fuckin’ Pilot’s facebook page. He will see to it that your pilot receives your altitude payment, and only that pilot. Well, and the Fuckin’ Pilot, but come on – you’ll probably be in an Otter he’s driving at some point and think of all the built-up altitude you’ll have earned.

PD New Beginning

With that in mind, we are seeking the ZHills diver driver who gave extra altitude that was never properly shown appreciation. Email us at and we’ll complete the circle of giving.

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