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Adventures in Origami

origamiTo thank our contributors for a fantastic 2013, we sent our beloved BSM Crew a little New Years gift. Those guys and gals are what give Blue Skies Magazine it’s very distinct flavor, ranging from sweet to sour and on occasion a little bitter, with a hint of oak and floral overtones. Best consumed fresh off the presses, but ages remarkably well.

Lara and I sat down this morning and crafted our little hearts out, following a highly complex online tutorial in painstaking detail. A couple of cups of strong coffee later, we had these wicked cute little origami envelopes all made up, with a personal note to our stellar crew of contributors. We can’t tell you quite yet what we sent them, because we want it to be a surprise when they receive it – and the mail just went off today.

Admittedly my skills with the time-lapse app leave a little bit to be desired, but as they say – if there isn’t video, it didn’t happen. This definitely happened. You can see the focus and concentration just dripping off us.

PD New Beginning

But here is a big, fat official THANK YOU to the Blue Skies Mag Crew of contributors (and yes, a few of them are missing from that page – it’s on the to-do list for 2014!). Thank you for sharing your stories, insights and adventures with the readers of Blue Skies Magazine. With your contributions, we are looking forward to a fun and exiting 2014!

(and if you haven’t done so already, get your fun-filled prescription here!)


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