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Even if you aren’t, you should go check it out.  This ad is possibly the best post ever penned on No small feat, considering that the competition for comic relief on those pages can be stiff at times.

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Visit the original ad on  The choice is yours, my friend.


PD Sabre 150

Posted on Sun Dec 08 2013 by: John Doig
Price: 400 USD (OBO)
Location: Beaufort, South Carolina, 29906, United States
Shipping: Seller Pays Shipping


PDSabreLookin to do CRW? Maybe you’re 180lbs just graduated AFF and lookin for your very first canopy? Do you like to look like a pansy at your drop zone flying around with a fairy colored parachute? Well then keep looking my friend, cuz this bad mother is not for you. What we’re talkin about here is the legendary Sabre 150. Allow me to debunk a few myths for you. “Well I heard Sabre 1’s have horribly hard openings”… should just pack up your Triathalon and leave the drop zone right now kid. This fierce piece of fabrication has an oversize slider, giving you sweetly soft and on heading openings every time, no matter how bad you f up the pack job. “Well Sabre 1’s are outdated…i should just get a Sabre 2″…yeah…you’re right. You should also let your best friend hook up with your g/f while you drink diet coke at the bar. You gotta be a pilot to fly this raptor son, If you’re not man enough to handle this beast go get a Navigator 220. “I dunno, older Sabre’s probably have old lines and patches”….not this baby. She has 1000 jumps and was relined 300 jumps ago…not a tear or patch in her, the only tearing that’s gonna happen around this piece of fabric steel is that cute tandem chick tearing her clothes off as you go swooping by at mock 3. “I don’t wanna die”…don’t worry…with a light wing loading, this phenomenal spectacle of engineering is as docile and forgiving as a tandem canopy in dead wind. Rough chop? Turbulence? Send it back where it came from, cuz this mother trucker will blast thru all of that like an 18 wheeler through a Chinese new year dragon parade without so much as a hiccup. So there you have it. Are you lookin to fly an all American beast, with ultra sensitive control at your fingertips, or are you lookin to float around on a T10? The choice is yours, my friend.

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