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The Worst Thing about Breaking Myself Was …

If you’ve ever broken yourself jumping (and it was your own damn fault), what was the one thing about the experience that makes you think twice about being that stupid again?

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Was it the constant “I told you so” looks around the bonfire, or the bills, bills, bills when all was said and done? The terrible ER nurse who made you want to end it all? Did your mom tell you she wasn’t mad, just disappointed? Were you as chaste as a priest for the three weeks you couldn’t feel downstairs? Or just the pure ungodly pain?



  • I was lucky enough not to break myself, but scared myself and others almost to death. I think what “holds me down” from doing stupid stuff is I don’t want to scare people around me.

  • … being not able to jump for a couple of month. And the knowledge that I was lucky with just a broken ankle. And the worst part: is knowing that it was my damn fault being not 100% concentrated.

  • The medical bills were one thing. Being stuck in a bathtub of my own feces was another. 4 months of healing, 2 months of learning to walk again, and a year getting back in shape, however, were the biggest punishment for my own stupidity, arrogance, and lack of focus. Don’t push too hard too fast kids; it hurts.

  • The worst part of breaking myself was calling my friends and telling them “I’m sorry, I can’t wingsuit with you for a while.” It was devastating. Bills suck too.

  • The worst part was not being able to jump, even though it was winter, still sucked. But having a good looking jumper have to take your pants off in the hospital, and hot nurses made it suck a little less;)

  • The worst part of my injury was some asshole doctor was showing off for his students and decided to just grab my severely broken and dislocated finger and pull it back into place with out any medication…worst pain I ever felt!!!!

  • BRIDGE DAY – sitting through a 3 hour lecture on how bad the landing area is, and oh by the way, you can just take an out and land in the water, then going for it anyway. AFTER, landing in the water on the first jump and already being wet. Broken calcaneous, no walking, bills, a boot, rehab, no jumping, a statistic, and just soooo many “we told you so “s. The worst part? Missing the party.

    Inexperienced BASE jumpers… LAND. IN. THE. FUCKING. WATER.

  • Pretty normal day. Standard video, great opening, typical set up for a nice swoop and some how missed something on my 2 ditters and alti2 and turned low. probably landing into the east with a full on swoop for the first time.Not sure. Broken back, ribs, hip, femur twice, knee and ankle. Not the way i wanted my first helicopter ride to happen. I have insurance from my weekday job that still covers me. I’m still out of work (7 months now) and hoping to get back in the next 2. For me the worst part is knowing that my family was terrified when they got the news. Many broken hearts and tears caused by me. I will be back to jump when I am healed fully. I do not have the desire to do any high performance anything under 2000′ again. Its just not worth it for my health or my family’s sanity. Although it has been nice NOT being available to help people move there stuff. Blue skies and be safe always.

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