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To keep track of the passage of time, there really is nothing that beats the feel of a nice old-fashioned, page-turning calendar hanging on a wall.

The kind that is just the tiniest bit naughty. Makes you smile. Maybe blush a little. And supports a good cause. That is where the people behind the Skydiving Hotties Calendar come in.  They want to make you exactly one such calendar, and at the same time, be the force of good in their community (located near Skydive the Farm).  To make this dream come true, 12 good men are needed. Please read the message below and rally to help.

Are you a hot male skydiver? Have a friend/boyfriend/husband/DZ acquaintance worthy of a calendar page? Send us a photo and help support a great cause. 12 hotties will be selected as we put together a drool worthy 2014 calendar — proceeds go to support the foster children at Murphy Harpst.
All submissions must be received no later than Dec 31, 2013. Please submit a ‘hot bod’ shot as well as 2-4 photos of the applicant skydiving. All photos must be high-resolution, and please keep the porn shots to yourself.  
Photos and questions should be sent to

PD New Beginning

An expert panel will review all submissions, and the calendar will go in to production no later than Jan 15, 2014. Stay tuned for purchasing information!



We unfortunately do not have information as to how to get on the review panel. If we get that information, you can rest assured we will keep it to ourselves.

Calendar will ship early February.  Cost is $25, which includes US shipping. International shipping available, email for details. More info will be available on the Skydiving Hotties Facebook page.


    • We do, and there is one! :) Skydiver/ paraglider/ all around good guy Justin Boer suffered some pretty terrible injuries during a bad crash in June 2013. The Girls of Nylon calendar was created to help raise funds for Justin to (quite literally) get back on his feet. One hundred percent of the proceeds from calendar sales will go toward helping out with Justin’s astronomical medical bills and living expenses while he’s unable to go to work.

    • I don’t think they got the response they were hoping for – shockingly and unfortunately. We’ve heard rumors of a few other calendars you might like though. We’ll let everyone know if those get up and running!

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