November Hunt: ChutingStar Gearbag full of goodies goes too….

… a strapping young man from Cincinnati, OH was the one to correctly identify the ChutingStar logo, carefully hidden under the right elbow  of our Ink of the Week dude, Niko Vorster, on page 4. Congratulations to Brian Bell, and thanks to everyone who played. and SkyGod both agreed that Brian was worthy, so he will be receiving the whole ChutingStar loot, conveniently packaged up in a snazzy gear-bag.  Once he unzips, he’ll yank out a helmet bag, Camelbak water bottle, a GoPro wrench, ChutingStar t-shirt, baseball cap, pull up cords and custom shoelaces.

PD New Beginning

Lucky dog!  Congrats Brian, and many thanks to ChutingStar for being a gear dealer that takes pride in supporting the skydiving community.  They provide great gear selection in store and online, offer top-notch customer service, sponsor teams & individuals and have active and knowledgeable skydivers on staff, ensuring you that the people assisting you know what they are talking about.

Click for Holiday Deals!

Click for Holiday Deals!

The Hunt took a break in December for the holidays, but will be back in the January issue… stay tuned for those details to come!
Another random handful of those that submitted correct answers (and the 3 that didn’t!!) will be receiving stickers, pull up cords and such – again, thanks to everyone for playing!

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