D4W Live

It sounds like a rap battle, if your heyday was in 2001, which mine was because I’m old just shut up about it.

D4W stands for dynamic 4-way and is what those cool-as-shit folks (old I am) like Maktoum and Skywalkers are calling what they’ve been doing.

Lest you think this discipline is not real skydiving, it has now become a Competition with a capital C because that’s how they do. Like the time I bought a fun, innocuous dual-lane Slip ‘n Slide for the drop zone and within 17 minutes it had turned into a Competition with rules and teams and prizes and crying and breakups, because that’s how skydivers do.

PD New Beginning

There have been two competitions so far – Battle of Bottrop and Voss Valhalla. Today, that is – TODAY – the third competition is already in full swing. Or to go with the epic medieval theme going, it’s on like Eric the Red. Whatever, I’m old, fuck you.

The point is, you can watch the Knights of Prague LIVE starting Friday at 11:30 EST (16:30 GMT), here:

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