Mondial 2016 at Skydive Chicago?

Skydive Chicago is no stranger to hosting big events or competitions. They continue to raise the bar and are now bidding to play host to the 2016 World Meet.

The bid includes all events with the exception of Para-ski and Canopy Piloting. Rook Nelson noted that CP was omitted as the pond is not large enough for today’s super swoopers. The Para-ski omission should be self-explanatory as Ottawa, IL is not famous for deep snow or big slopes.

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If awarded the bid, it will be the first time since 1993 that the US hosts the World Meet.  Rook mentioned that Skydive Chicago unfortunately does not have the budget of the crown prince, but the promise to put on a competitor focused meet.  The 65th IPC meeting will take place in Vienna, Austria January 28th – February 2nd, 2014.  At that meeting bids for World Meet will be discussed. Rook hopes to present the bid on behalf of Skydive Chicago, and hopes to travel back home with the challenging task of hosting a World Meet in 2016.


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