Happy half a century, Jyro!

icarusLogoOne of the more colorful characters in a sport full of colorful character has to be Jyro of NZ Aerosports. Today he turns 50, and we would like to wish him a brilliantly happy birthday.

Jyro made his first jump on his 16th birthday, and has amassed over 4000 jumps by now. Jyro represented New Zealand in 4-way at a handful of world meets, but has represented NZ proudly at the bar at even more. It is quite likely that he set some world records, although that is not something the ICP currently tracks.
Jyro has been madly in love with skydiving since he was 5 years old, routinely asking his dad to drive him 2 hours to watch the jumpers.

PD New Beginning

Jyro came at canopy design like many other skydivers – born out of a mix of necessity and passion for the sport. Back in the day he was on the dole making gear backs and log book covers. Out of curiosity he unpicked a parachute and used what he learned to make one for himself. It worked, so he made one for his girlfriend and then for a few more friends. One thing led to another and Jyro began to change things up and come up with new designs. Icarus Canopies were born in 1985 and then NZ Aerosports incorporated in 1994.

 When asked about the business, Jyro says “I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love every aspects of it. Skydivers are the coolest people I have ever hung out with (almost the only people i have ever hung out with). My market is like a bunch of surfers ranging from lawyers to bums. lots of traveling, everyone is positive, and have a fantastic social life.”
Jyro is far from done or on his way to retirement.  He plans on keeping on doing just what he’s doing now, Jyro style. Proceeding usually without a plan, but fully optioned!
We wish Jyro a very happy birthday – thanks for many sweet openings and great landings.
If you’d like to leave him a note, the NZ Aerosports Facebook page would be a great please to do so.


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