CRW Injury in Lake Wales, FL

Florida jumper Victor Bryie was injured Sunday December 8th, following a CRW jump at Skydive Lake Wales, FL.

Victor and Shaun Philips had planned a 2-way CRW jump. They are reported to have wrapped around 9,000 feet, following a hard dock. Victor attempted to cut away his main. Victor unsuccessfully tried to get clear, cut away and deploy his reserve.  Shaun reports that around 3,000 feet a line broke, allowing him to get clean air and land with a fully open parachute.  Victor remained entangled and landed hard under a partially inflated, spinning canopy.

PD New Beginning

Victor was transported to a hospital via helicopter with several broken bones and a head injury. We hope for a quick and complete recover and send Victor’s friends and family our best wishes.

Click here for a surprisingly thorough and well written news article by The (local publication).

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