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Reader Question of the Month: What did your people think when you started jumping?

Every month we publish your answers to our question of the month. This month, we want to know the reactions of your family, friends, significant others, when you took up skydiving or BASE jumping.

Bonus question: What do they think now? Have they changed their minds?

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Responses will be printed in the January issue of Blue Skies Mag, so sign your name as you want it printed. You can also email responses to me at

Edit to add: We also want your accomplishments, shout outs and news!


  • They said it’s about time. I use to go and watch skydiving as a kid, at the airport i would end up learning to fly at while in high school. My family and friends were surprised i hadn’t started skydiving years sooner. Honestly, rounds kept me away. Those things are scary as hell. haha

  • Then: But you are scared of flying… and just about everything else in life for that matter. Now: They still get nervous, but are proud of me for doing something I love.

  • Did my first jump at 41 back in 2003. No one seemed surprised. They didn’t really talk about it with me. And you know how painful THAT is to a skydiver! *grin*

  • The first time I showed my parents a jump video my mom shook her head saying “I don’t approve, I don’t approve! What’s it feel like?” That was thirteen years ago. I still can’t get them to go to the DZ!

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