Diver Driver returns

Many of you are well familiar with and the online forums hosted there. It’s a place where skydivers come to exchange opinions, call each other assholes (sometimes in a friendly manner, sometimes not), discuss gear and learn from incidents that happen.

In the multitude of posts that show up, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a laborious process,  There are a handful of posters that will make your visit worth while, and one of those is pilot Chris Schindler, better known under the handle DiverDriver.  He is a jumper, but best known for his vast experience flying jumpers. Chris’ website has been a great resource for jump pilots ever since its inception in December 2000.  After a brief vacation, is back. It is with great pleasure that we bring you this press release – and we urge you to share this resource with your dropzone pilots.


After a brief hiatus, is back! The website, created in December 2000 by former jump pilot Chris Schindler, has been a leader in bringing the latest safety information to pilots worldwide who fly skydivers. The website has helped lower the overall accident rate of jump planes year over year by featuring detailed guidelines for flying several aircraft types as jump aircraft, a compilation of jump plane accidents worldwide, jump pilot training syllabus, formation flying guidelines, and much more.

“Having a collected experience of SOP’s for jump operations and different aircraft was priceless for me when I started,” says Twin Otter pilot Jeff Gladish. “Every time I’d fly a new aircraft, in addition to studying the AFM, this site could help me to fit that info into a jump operation. ”

“I was directed to the site as soon as I was hired,” adds Caravan pilot Shaun Lee. “The site helped me more than the person who was training me. The site is a go-to source for new jump pilots everywhere.”

PD New Beginning

Now remodeled and relaunched, continues to provide best practices and training for pilots who fly skydivers at hundreds of drop zones around the world. Among the updates are revisions to the accident section to provide more commentary, listings of accidents by aircraft type and cause as well as by year, a freefall drift simulator, and a blog for first-person accounts of jump pilot “life lessons” and Q&A.

“ is my personal choice for information where it concerns skydiving pilots,” says Rabbitt Staib, beta tester and chief pilot at Skydive Spaceland. “Chris has taken his experience and the experience of seasoned jump pilots and has presented it in an excellent format for newer and other seasoned jump pilots to use.”

Blue skies and soft landings from the team.

If you are a jump pilot, you might want to check out the DiverDriver group on Facebook.

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