Jarrett Martin: DIPC Updates

Most of you know Jarrett by know, but if introductions are needed – please read this post or watch the documentary Sky High.  Jarrett is currently in Dubai attending the 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championships as a part of the US Style and Accuracy team.
Knowing Jarrett was going to Dubai, we used several somewhat unethical methods (including but not limited to beer and cookies) to get him to agree to become a Blue Skies Mag correspondent, reporting from Dubai on whatever strikes his fancy during travels and competition.

You can follow his updates first hand through our Facebook Page, or visit this post for more of a one-stop-shopping experience. Oldest one at the bottom, newest one on top.

Jarrett-FerrariSaturday November 29th: Day one is finished. Lots of jumps being made. In Canopy Piloting they got 2 rounds of speed finished. 1st place is Curt Bartholmew. Dave from France and Cornelia from Dubai are in 2nd and 3rd place. Lots of more competition to do.
I did 1 round of junior accuracy and flew like an eagle. Didn’t get a score on the pad but did score a picture next to these luxury cars. -Jarrett

PD New Beginning


Jarrett-ParamotorWednesday November 26th: Hey this is Jarrett (the wheelchair guy) checking in. I arrived in Dubai a few days ago and did some touristy things around the city. Did a few meet-n-greets. But today at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus 1,028 skydives were made, 4-5 new A licenses were issued, 1,000,000 hugs, high-5’s, and handshakes were given, and 2 days until the start of Dubai International Parachuting Championship. I’m exhausted. I did 4 training jumps with the Qatar and UAE accuracy teams and got to go for a scenic paramotor flight at sunset. — with Nasser Al Neyadi.

News reports of Jarrett’s journey to Dubai: CBS interview (video and story)

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