Travis Mickle goes Wicked

WIckyWicked Wingsuits proudly announce that wingsuiter Travis Mickle has stepped up to run their post of Coaching and Load Organizing at Skydive City, Zephyrhills, FL.  He has a fleet of suits on hand, available for rental. Students that attend a First Flight Course (FFC) with Travis are awarded a free suit rental for the day of their course.

For wingsuiters not heading to Z-Hills this winter, but wanting to get their hands on a suit, the rental program via the website is business as usual. Click here for more information about that.

PD New Beginning

In other news, Flock and Dock 10.0, presented by Tony Suits and Wicked Wingsuits is to be held at Skydive City April 3rd-6th, 2014. Registration is already open and this year promises to be even better than last. If you are on the fence, Wicky suggests you watch the video below (from last year) and then click here to register and for more info. 

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