Skydiving in the times of science

Skydiving may have its dangers, but it’s nothing compared being a dropzone during a weather-hold. Bored skydivers trying to pass time have come up with creative ways of passing time, ranging from benign to deadly. I remember a boogie where the DZ had set up a good size trampoline in the hangar. It was awesome, and very windy.  By the end of the weekend that thing was responsible for more injuries than the DZ had seen all year-long. Including broken bones.

This is a totally new way occupying yourself and your friends during a weather hold, and goes to show you once again that the jumpers at Skydive Palatka, FL are not your ordinary stock. Skydivers are awesome, science is awesome and when you put the two together it’s on par with a double rainbow.

PD New Beginning

We proudly present:

Cliffs Mal Graph_Fotor

Many thanks to Lucas Aldrette for catching the words of wisdom as they tumbled from Clifford’s mouth, and turning them into this easily understandable info graph for the rest of us.  We sure hope there will be more coming.

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