Right right trail, first whacker stinger.

Daniel Croft

Daniel Croft

Say that to a skydiver (especially of the big-way variety), and they are like “cool, yeah, got ya bud –  I smell what you are steppin’ in”.  Say that to a whuffo, and best case scenario is a blank stare.

But since this topic could come up in a whuffo conversation, we would like to point you to this video to help explain what you are trying to get at. Captured by coffee-loving, lightly OCD jumper Daniel Croft, who logs all his jumps. And videos most of them, beginning with #270 (in total compliance with USPA’s BSR’s).

Check out Jump #1048, inside view from the 64-way California Sate Record. Record attempt #6, where Daniel himself is in the role of right right trail, first whacker stinger.  This is at Skydive Perris Valley, CA.




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