The Hunt for the gearbag full of goodies

Round 2, ding ding ding!!!!

The November issue of Blue Skies Magazine is busy making appearances in mailboxes around the world. If you live in one of the far corners of the world (such as Florida, California or across the pond) you might need to be patient for another couple of days – but soon. Really.

We promised to make it a little bit more difficult this time around – and to reward the effort, the prize is bigger to. This time you are hunting for the emblem of an esteemed skydiving gear retailer on the pages of the magazine. Your one clue (for the time being) is colors. The primary colors of the logo are the same colors that you find on a prominent skydiving entity that frequents podiums in more than one discipline. If this stumps you, please contact our woe-is-me department with your complaints. Remember that the item is not hidden in an advertisement, but somewhere on the pages of the magazine.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to locate said emblem on the pages of the November issue (# 48) and report to the Hunt Page with your findings.  On November 28th,

PD New Beginning

This esteemed gear retailer is donating a GEARBAG STUFFED WITH GOODIES, OH MY!
On the inside of the gearbag you will find the following:

  • Helmet bag
  • Camelbak water bottle (Eddie)
  • GoPRo wrench
  • T-shirt
  • Baseball cap
  • Pull-up cords
  • Custom shoelaces.

Pretty much everything you need to be styling at any given drop zone. If you need anything else (including a Blue Skies Mag subscription!), I’m sure you can find that in their catalog or online gear store.

Not sure what it is all about? What does it all mean?  Need a rules refresher? Then click here.
As before, at the end of the month (November 26th this time due to Thanksgiving) the Hunt will be over, so make sure to get your answers in before then.
Winner will be randomly drawn from correct answers and notified via email. Winner has 7 days to respond to our email. If we don’t hear back, the goodies roll down to the next random person.   And lastly, if you think you want a subscription but you are not sure, we can send you a sample to check out before you make a commitment to hang out with us on a nearly-monthly basis.

Happy Hunting!

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